Main Press Center News Russia and Iceland will start testing the electronic exchange of catch data in 2021

Russia and Iceland will start testing the electronic exchange of catch data in 2021


This year, Russia and Iceland will start testing the bilateral electronic exchange of data on fishing activities. The agreement was reached during the session of the Joint Russian-Icelandic Fisheries Commission, which was held virtually on February 2-3, 2021.

The Russian delegation included representatives of FA, the FSB and the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Centre of fishery monitoring and communications was represented by Anastasia Romashevskaya, Head of the International Cooperation Service, and Alexey Bakhtov, Deputy Head of the Service.

Following the session, Russia and Iceland agreed to sign an agreed minute on the electronic exchange of data on the catch and activity of fishing vessels, upon which it will be possible to start testing data exchange between monitoring centers of the two countries.

"The Monitoring Center, as before, pays great attention to the development of international electronic exchange. Iceland will become the third country to participate in testing electronic data exchange with the Russian monitoring center. With Norway and the Faroe Islands, the process is going more fruitfully, we expect that we will soon start testing on real ships", said Alexander Mikhailov, acting head of the CFMC.

During the bilateral session, the parties also discussed the results of the implementation of the protocol on issues related to the satellite tracking system for ships in 2020 and agreed to extend its validity until December 31, 2021.

In addition, the parties exchanged information on the state of the stocks of the main fishing objects of the North-East Atlantic, data on the results of fishing in the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation in the Barents Sea as of the end of 2020, discussed the procedure for granting quotas for the extraction (catch) of aquatic biological resources, management and control issues, as well as cooperation between the two countries within the framework of the international organizations NEAFC and NAFO.

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