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Bilateral cooperation

Bilateral cooperation:

The Center of the Fisheries Monitoring and Communication System is actively working with partner countries on the electronic exchange of data on fishing activities and satellite positioning.

Norway: cooperation on the report exchange (ERS) between the Norwegian and Russian Fisheries Monitoring Centers, on the introduction of electronic data exchange on fishing activities of fishing vessels, the exchange of satellite tracking data of vessels, electronic reporting systems within the framework of the Joint Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission, the Russian-Norwegian Working Group on ERS etc.

Faroe Islands: cooperation within the framework of the Joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission.

Iceland: cooperation within the framework of the Russian-Icelandic [ET2] Fisheries Commission, the Russian-Icelandic Working Group on the Electronic Reporting System.

Greenland: consultations between the delegation of the Russian Federation and the delegation of the Government of Greenland on mutual relations in the field of fisheries.

CFMC also cooperates with Japan, the People's Republic of China, South Korea and Namibia within the framework of bilateral commissions on fisheries and fisheries.

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