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Primary activities

  1. State monitoring of aquatic biological resources in the field of fisheries and conservation of aquatic biological resources, including control over the activities of fishing fleet vessels, including foreign ones, engaged in fishing in Russia’s inland waters.
  2. Collection, processing, storage and provision of data on the vessel production activities and the fishing industry organization.
  3. Ensuring the operation of the Legal Information System of the Federal Agency for Fisheries.
  4. Modernization, maintenance and operation of the State Information System "Industry Monitoring System" and related software and hardware and software complexes, subsystems and computer networks, as well as the certification center of the Industry Monitoring System.
  5. Testing of technical means of control.
Industry Monitoring System for aquatic biological resources, monitoring and control over the activities of fishing vessels (OSM).
  1. The industry monitoring system is a multi-level information and analytical system that provides real-time collection, analysis and transmission of data on the production activities of fishing vessels and their location. The software allows to structure the information received and automatically generate reports on the exhausting of quotas, violations and catch volumes. The operator of the system is the CFMC.

    The industry monitoring system consists of several components:

    Module of the cartographic interface of the industry monitoring system is a subsystem of the industry monitoring system and is used to display the positions of vessels and their tracks on the map, as well as to display depth maps, ice maps, fishing and restricted zones.

    The industry monitoring system portal is a single access point to the industry monitoring system services. The portal ensures the availability of services and information resources around the clock, unifies the mechanism for processing applications for the provision of services; simplifies the process of submitting applications for fishermen and obtaining the results of their consideration; reduces the time for the provision of services due to their registration in electronic form. The portal allows you to completely switch to electronic data interchange and, therefore, make the industry monitoring system services more accessible and convenient for fishermen. 

    The industry monitoring system Portal can be used by representatives of the fishing industry: heads of associations of fishermen, entrepreneurs, shipowners, ship tenants and captains.

    The software package "Electronic logbook" is designed to provide fishermen with electronic data on the extraction, acceptance, transshipment, transportation and storage of catches, as well as on the production of fish and other products. 

    The electronic logbook was created for a complete transition to the electronic fishing log, data transmission and replacement of the paper-based fishing log, which will ensure the efficiency of delivery and processing of fishing vessel daily reports, continuity of state control of production activities and positioning of vessels, as well as compliance with fishing rules; it will also give legal significance to electronic documents (daily reports, fishing log) due to electronic signature.

    Technical requirements for installation of the electronic logbook

    To install the software, only the necessary minimum technical specifications for the equipment are required and it is enough to comply with simple system requirements: 

    • OS Windows (Windows 7 or a newer version);
    • 1.2 GHz Processor;
    • RAM 1 GB.

    Updating the logbook software and downloading new releases is available from the shipowner's personal account on the website cfmc.ru and customer support services https://redmine.cfmc.ru/projects/soft/files 

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